Get Healthy, Happy Trees

Get Healthy, Happy Trees

Don't neglect tree maintenance in Gilroy, CA and the greater Bay Area

Unless you're a trained arborist, you probably don't know exactly what your trees need to thrive. When you turn to Moki Smith Tree Specialists, Inc. for tree maintenance in Gilroy, CA and the South County area, you won't be disappointed by our quality tree care services.

Our tree specialists have years of specialized experience and are equipped to:

  • Explain what you need to know about tree maintenance and tree health
  • Consult on and oversee large tree planting projects
  • Provide tree aeration services and water treatments
  • Check for dying or diseased trees on your property
  • Promote a faster tree growth
  • Prevent the formation of toxic materials

Trees need love just like other plants do. Contact us today to schedule a tree maintenance consultation in Gilroy, CA or the greater Bay Area.

Watch your trees grow stronger, faster

Soil aeration is one of the most effective ways to encourage faster tree growth. Some have even reported a 30% growth rate increase with proper tree aeration services.

If you want your trees to flourish, call Moki Smith Tree Specialists and see what our tree care pros can do for you. Aeration will also help prevent disease and the formation of toxic materials.

Call now to learn more about our tree aeration services in Gilroy, CA.