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Good morning!

Sending out a short note and reminder~

Much to our pleasant surprise, Gilroy Dispatch readers have voted us the Best Tree Care Company in Gilroy for 2018!

We are so fond of our town and all of our clients and it was so great to be acknowledge this way!

Thank you all!

And.. most importantly, the reminder…
It was a really long winter and has been a very mild and cool summer (relatively speaking) so while you still want to remember to irrigate trees as needed, its very important to remember that the fungi will be in full force. Without long periods of very hot and dry weather, the Oaks in our area will be suseptable to attack.

From ‘Sooty Mold’ to Anthracnose to Sudden Oak Death, cultural care  is the best defense against fungi!

Give us a call if you’d like your trees to benefit from a little TLC or if you see any signs of bacterial infection, dark seeping from the main stem or in crotches, especially in mature oaks, which can make larger trees susceptible to Summer Limb Drop! No Good!

Hope your summer is moving along nicely! See you at the Garlic Festival!

Moki & Sheila
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Moki Smith

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by | Jan 26, 2018 |

Approximate Cost:
Description Of Work:
I had used Moki Smith – Morgan Hill Tree Service. Their scope of work included trees that are 45 years old so we have some very mature large trees. I had one tree it was just a Bush, taller than the house so they took this one tree out. These five people were here one day and part of another day. Then I had this other tree, called the mayten tree it is 45 years old and at real instrumental place in the yard so Moki came out and he said, Oh this is the problem, and this is what we can do.
Member Comments:
I had a fabulous experience. He had a crew of five guys and Moki and they had all of the equipment that they needed, they are bonded, they are licensed, they have workers clump and he provides that for you. Moki is a true artist in trimming trees including his crew. The compliment that I received from my neighbor was the ultimate. She said ‘Arla your trees are a work of art’ and the cost was $ 1800. There have been two other neighbors and I have been working with them. So, they hired him to do some pruning of their trees 45 years old. They were very patient including the whole crew. I had kind of a vision of what I wanted and they were so patient with me and also guided me saying it will be better if we did this, so they educated me and they still did of what I had a vision. I have been looking for a year for an arborist and I was going to high end nursery, they recommended and I picked out five arborist. I called them but it didn’t seem like it was a good match. Then I called another high end nursery and they gave me the name of this arborist, who works for them. I called him out this other arborist but he was not licensed, he did not have workers clump and he did not have liability insurance; he was not as knowledgeable as Moki. We really take pride in these trees.

Arla Van Limburg

Tree Service

Approximate Cost:
Description Of Work:
Pruned and removed trees.

Member Comments:
Moki trimmed two large monterey pine trees in the front yard and brought them to life. He removed six other tress which were in different stages of dying and really brightened up the yard. He also trimmed five Japanese maples and a crepe myrtle which now look like they will grow properly in the next coming years. We are preparing the house for sale and his advice and work should pay off handsomely.
It is so important to have an arborist take care of your trees if you care at all about the health of your trees and your home value. So much of the difference between a nice neighborhood and a poor looking one can be the trees and how they were trimmed.

Moki was worth the little extra we paid. We also realize that it was a good investment because now we won’t have to have the trees trimmed every year like one of our neighbors does. They hire some guy with a truck and he comes back every year and tops the trees which looks terrible for several months and then he does it again.

John McKay

Tree Service - Pruned and Removed Trees

Approximate Cost:
Description Of Work:
Trimmed 3 large trees in yard. Removed all debris.
Member Comments:
Moki spent lots of time describing how he was going to trim the trees and why. He was very clean. He did a good job

Doug Curtis

Trimmed 3 Large Trees

Description Of Work:
Tree Planing and Trimming.
Member Comments:
I was very happy with the tree plantings. Thanks – Good Job!
The tree trimming care is excellent!

Carol Ball, Gilroy CA

Tree Trimming

Description Of Work:
Tree Service.
Member Comments:
Thank you for a wonderful job!

Jackson Construction

Tree Service

Description Of Work:
Tree Service.
Member Comments:
Please contact me every year in late Winter or early Spring!

Beth Dewey, Gilroy

Tree Service

Description Of Work:
Lesson in Integrity.
Member Comments:

Hi Moki! Your son was so very helpful with a little cotton tail today outside of Lawson’s bakery. I was so impressed by his integrity and concern for this little confused rabbit.

I just can’t say enough about how awesome a young man he is.
Well done Dad!

Landa Keistead

Lesson in Integrity

Our Friendly and Professional Team

Our Friendly and Professional Team

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