We'll Free Your Dangerous Tree

We'll Free Your Dangerous Tree

Schedule tree removal services in Gilroy, CA or the South County area

Are diseased trees a problem for your landscape in the Gilroy, CA area? Reach out to Moki Smith Tree Specialists, Inc. right away for tree removal services. Our arborist has years of experience and will determine the best approach for dealing with your problem trees.

In many cases, tree removal can be avoided. Our tree specialists are equipped to nurse sick trees back to health and prevent disease from spreading to other nearby trees.

Call now to schedule tree inspection or tree removal services at your property in Gilroy, CA or the greater Bay Area.

Prep your land for new construction

If you're about to begin a new construction project in Gilroy, CA, it's crucial that your land is properly prepped first. You don't want stumps or trees getting in the way of your building project. Turn to Moki Smith Tree Specialists for tree removal and stump
grinding services.

Stumps are not only annoying, they can be dangerous. Stump grinding will:

  • Prevent slip and fall accidents
  • Improve the appearance of your property
  • Prepare your land for construction
  • Eliminate potential bee and termite habitats

Contact us today to get an estimate on stump grinding services in Gilroy, CA.