For the Love of Trees

If trees could talk, they’d probably tell you to call the tree specialists at Smith Tree Specialists, Inc. in Gilroy, CA. Tree services are more complicated than you’d think and require the attention of an experienced Arborist. Smith Tree Specialists, Inc. has over 25 years of experience and is privy to the language of the forest. We can handle all of your residential or commercial tree care needs.

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At Smith Tree Specialists, Inc., we go above and beyond to preserve the health of your trees. Whether you need tree services at your home or your place of business, you can rely on our tree specialists for:

We care for trees right down to their roots and will always provide the service that is best for your trees and the environment. Contact us to schedule tree services in or around Gilroy, CA and the Bay Area.

Tree Removal Services

Tree removal of decaying or dead trees, stump removal and stump grinding. Rid your spaces of nuisances and potential hazards.

Maintenance & Trimming

Proper pruning and trimming  creates a thriving environment for your trees, increases safety, and enhances curb appeal.

Commercial Tree Preservation

Let’s keep our community safe! We provide expert tree preservation services for schools, parks, government properties and more.

Some of Our Work

A snapshot of our recent work includes expert trimming of Japanese Maples, planting design and consultation, and removal of dead and decaying trees to give new life to formerly overcrowded spaces.

Our large tree preservation expertise maintains the health of numerous beautiful Oaks throughout the South Bay Area, helping them to thrive in all their glory.

Visit our gallery and view our services for more in-depth descriptions of our work, and call us today to get started! (408) 722-8942

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