Tree Maintenance & Trimming

Proper pruning and trimming goes beyond getting rid of overgrown branches. Careful tree pruning and trimming can actually help support the structural integrity of your trees.

When it comes to tree maintenance, not all trees are the same, We utilize several different techniques like canopy and wind sail reduction for trees that are more susceptible to decay. If you’re not fond of tree-climbing, don’t worry. We’ll go out on a limb for all of your tree pruning, trimming and maintenance needs!

Call us today at: (408) 722-8942. Our tree specialists will explain proper tree care methods and show you how to ensure a safe, healthy environment.

Tree Trimming

Proper pruning and trimming will help ensure healthy, beautiful trees and create a safe, vibrant backdrop for your landscapes and surrounding spaces. Create your memories under the majestic canopy of thriving trees.

Expert Techniques

We utilize proven and tested techniques to bring out the best in your trees, provide the best environment for your trees to thrive, and ensure safe and welcoming spaces for families, businesses and public spaces.

Tree Maintenance

Proper and timely maintenance allows trees to grow unhindered and free. Get the most out of your trees by calling on us to professionally maintain them. Healthy trees are what we do best!

All Aspects Covered

Eco Friendly

We use Eco Friendly materials that are safe for the environment.


We strive to always earn your trust and repeat business!


Expertly maintained trees and surrounding spaces for your enjoyment!


Care and respect for your lanscaped spaces and surrounding areas.


Safety is always our top priority. We have an excellent safety record.

Clean & Tidy

We leave your spaces greatly improved and without negative impact.

Some of Our Work

A snapshot of our recent work includes expert trimming of Japanese Maples, planting design and consultation, and removal of dead and decaying trees to give new life to formerly overcrowded spaces.

Our large tree preservation expertise maintains the health of numerous beautiful Oaks throughout the South Bay Area, helping them to thrive in all their glory.

Visit our gallery and view our services for more in-depth descriptions of our work, and call us today to get started! (408) 722-8942

Client Testimonials

Great job. Please contact me every year
in late Winter or early Spring!

Beth Dewey

Completed our tree service timely and professionally. Thank you for a wonderful job!

Jackson Construction
Bay Area, CA

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